Hello again 
The New Year has well and truly started – Melbourne came alive today as many workers went back to work, most small businesses and offices opened their doors and manned their phones for the first time since Christmas.  There certainly seemd to be more traffic on the road even the bin men came at 6am this morning and not at the later time they seem to have kept recently (of course it possible they change their round every now and again)
As I mentioned before I’ve been doing a bit of purging – stuff from cupboards that is – and with the cooler weather we had this past week I’ve been spending time using up meats from the freezer.  Those that seemed to have been there for a while have now been turned into meals and refrozen.  Our fruit and veg place had a load of plums reduced before the holidays so I bagged a few kilos and they were stewed and frozen in small quantities ready for a quick dessert.  Lovely with vanilla yogurt or ice cream – does anyone know if you can freeze yogurt at all without it separating?
We promised Dh’s aunt in Canada we’d be back for another visit this year – this will be our sixth time and there always something new to see so we’ve been jigging the finances to try and secure as much extra cash as we can in the next six months.  Looks like I’m going to continue my thrifty frugal lifestyle of make do and mend lol  Hopefully we can fit in a trip to Newfoundland while we are there – its not that far from Nova Scotia where she and the rest of the family live and we are’nt sure if we’ll ever be back again so might as well aim for that as a special treat.
I started walking again this morning – the gym hours are almost back to normal so I can combine the two activities and get really fit once more.  Remember all those kilos I lost last year, well a few have found their way home so it looks like I’m going to have to get serious again and get rid of them for good lol
It was a lovely morning just right for walking local streets – see there in the first picture, its those TV masts again:)
We’d been talking about a fence for our fornt garden recently so I began to look at the ones I walked past.  Not sure whether I actually want one or not so took photos, carefully so I didn’t upset anyone who might have thought I was spying on them
please click photos for a clearer view

Lots and lots of Pickets Fences
all shapes and styles
Covered gate arbours seem to be popular

Then there were iron railing type fences
various styles
some very basic
othere more fancy

more wooden styles
although these seem to be older and deteriorate quite quickly
Then theres the tin ones that are becoming more popular
I think this person was trying to do it on the cheap lol
Years ago I wanted a Brush Fence
but changed my mind when local hooligans were setting fire to them
By the look of this one I think local kids have been trying to climb it
So by the time I got home I decided I really didn’t want a new one after all
I will make do with my natural one
– the one that flowers all summer long –
Doesn’t need painting or repairing
just a haircut when those lovely big blue blooms die