This is the front of a card I received for Christmas
It was from someone in England and when it arrived I laughed
Seriously hoping it wasn’t going to be like that
as things sort of don’t go right
when they have snow and bad weather lol
Little did I know it would be like that over the holiday period
Snow Snow and more Snow:))
Looking at the older style of post and phone box reminded of when I was a child in England
and the way we used to keep in touch
long before mobile phones and the internet 
Not too many of us had a phone in our homes
and there seemed to be a phone box on lots of corners
Same as the post boxes – they seemed to be all over the place
Doesn’t appear to be the way these days tho’
Like policemen there isn’t one around
on the rare occasion you might need one lol 
Now my mind works overtime some days
and this card reminded me of photos
I’d taken last September
on our trip to Queensland
In a little place on the Kidman Way 
we stopped for a loo break at a pub
Called Mt Hope its the only stopping place
on that road between Cobar and Hillston 
‘The stretch between Hillston and Cobar is long, straight and unbroken except for the pub-and-service station-town of Mount Hope. It’s about an hour from Hillston, two more to Cobar, so call into the hotel for a soft drink and a rest stop. If there are locals in the bar, they’ll be happy to chat, as is the publican. ‘
This is the road in from Cobar
and this is the road out towards Hillston

and this is the pub – the Royal Hotel

Not a sign of life there at 10.11am when we drove in
so we nipped into the loos (at the side on the outside)
and went on our way
But this is what I wanted to show you
I think that might be the service station mentioned in the article
Not exactly a road house
but I’m sure they would have the necessary fuel if needed
And there in the middle of nowhere
on the road behind the pub
beside the petrol pump
is an Australia Post mail box
and on the corner to the right
is a Telstra Phone Box
Phone boxes are becoming a rare sight
on street corners
these days lol
and I’m not sure how many times a week
the mail man comes and empties that box
but to see one out in the bush had me laughing
all the way down that long straight road to Hillston