aka Schlumbergera
Christmas Cactus
These hardy pot plants seem to grow wherever you want them to
Break a piece off and pot it up
and very soon you’ll have a new plant
My plants have have all been started as cuttings
taken from friends or neighbours plants
They are growing in containers that hang over the railing of the deck
and are happy there most of the year
but I do put them in the shade
if the sun gets too hot
If the timing is right and they all bloom together
it looks like a ribbon of pink all the way along
Up in the Northern Hemisphere they are often called Christmas Cactus
‘cose thats when they seem to flower
Not so down here – these photos were taken in October
right at the end of Winter, beginning of Spring
At first the plants seem to be a jumble of gnarly stems with a flower at the end
but if you really look
you will see they have the most delicate of blooms growing there
beautiful flowers that look lovely when in a massed display
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