Remember the photos of the Dandenongs
I posted for yesterdays Skywatch Friday
Well they were taken this past Monday (Dec.7th)
This is how that lovely range looked
late yesterday afternoon (Dec 10th)
Driving back from Ringwood
it looked as tho’ the sky had fallen down on the hills ahead
The photos are quite dark ‘cose of the storm ahead
If you enlarge them you’ll see the low clouds
I popped into the Kilsyth Oval as I knew there was a good view from there
This is where my boys played football when they were youngsters
From what I could see the rain was pelting down
from one end of the Dandenongs to the other
It poured for quite a while
– high winds, thunder and lightening –
enough for us to turn the computer off.
Today has been cool and dry
Its been a funny ol’ December so far
Wonder what January will bring??