Well the festive season is here again
– and as well as the real meaning to the season –
for most of us it usually means families, friends, functions and food
beaches, books, cricket matches and …………
anything else that takes your fancy lol
Ginny has a rather nice blog called Sweet Myrtle
and she  running a little meme called Festive December
meaning you can post about anything that is festive
you can read all about it here
So during this month of December
I’ll try to post some thoughts and photos of festive goings on
in our household and also in the neighbourhood
Won’t be quite as tizzy and tinsley as in the Nothern Hemisphere
It tends to look rather stange in the summer sunshine lol
We have to wait till quite late at night to get that special effect
from a house light up with thousands of lights
but you never know what I’ll come up with