So what went wrong?
Well I don’t really know
– maybe we all expected too much –
it was obvious things weren’t the same with our friends as soon as they walked in the door.
They certainly weren’t the same couple we said goodbye to only a few weeks ago
so the week was a bit strained at times
and it was a blessing the men played golf several days
as I’m sure if they had been together all the time
there would have been a public slanging match.
The changeable weather didn’t help
one day pouring the next dry but cold
another hot and then back to cool and wet again.
When the men were at golf
we also went out and about
I drove so my mind was thinking about other things
beside the nasty comments that had been flying around the  unit
Unfortunately my dear friend didn’t open up to me
so we are none the wiser as to what the problem is

Sadly I admit some days I was glad to get back
as she was starting to annoy me with all her whining

Don’t anyone mention flies
I heard enough about flies and how bad they were
and how she felt about them
last week
to last me a lifetime lol

Thursday we all drove down to Shepparton for a visit to the SPC-Ardmona cannery place
which is now in the centre of town
and not out at Mooroopna
We wandered round the Chinese Garden and looked at the Mooving Art (painted cows)
While we were at lunch we were entertained
(looking out the windows)
thunder lightning and flash flooding – the lot
At one point the rain was coming down so heavily
we couldn’t see across the street.
They talk about a band of weather going through 
Back in Numurkah 20 mins up the road
they only had a little bit of rain hardly enough to wet the ground lol

Anyway would you like to see what I picked up for the grand sum of $10??

All from a fabulous place in Cobram called Anthony’s Place.
Last year they were calling themselves the biggest Op Shop in Victoria
but that seemed to be missing from the door the day we drove up there.

The lovely cane basket in fabulous condition
is to put near my chair
It can join all the others
that hold stuff on the go

Several books at 10c each
– some I’ve been meaning to reread for a while-
the crafty hardbacks were 20c
I nearly went wild with joy when I saw a bag with
200grams of some white Bendigo Mills 2ply pure wool.
The whole skein for only $1

I found some lovely tweedy balls of Paton’s Jet, a chunky yarn
(70% wool and 30% alpaca mix)
at just $1 a ball
I’ll use it for slippers and mittens next year
As well as several balls of green 5ply pure wool
–McMahon’s Farm a NZ brand –
they will also come in handy when I’m knitting mittens next year
$1 the lot
And for 20c the sweetest little ribbon rose hanging
that looked too good to have been given away.
Certainly much better than I could do
A brand new plunger coffee pot (Bodum brand)
a much better size for 2 than the big one I have,
a steal at $1
Small glass jug and sugar bowl to replace the ones I broke not long ago
Another glass decanter same size as the one we use
A nice large glass jar with a sealed airtight lid
There isn’t marks on the glassware
its the light in the kitchen
making it look that way
I don’t often talk about my shopping hauls
But I was pleased with these and wanted to share