Theres nothing like the thrill of seeing something unexpected
On the way home to Victoria
from our big trip up north to Queensland last September
Right in the middle of nowhere on the road from Charleville and Cunnamulla
Not far from the Queensland / New South Wales border
we suddenly came upon this flock of Emus
They were just sauntering along inside the fencliine
moving at what seemed a gentle trot – if thats what Emus do lol
Never having seen a wild Emu we didn’t know what to expect
We slowed the car down when they sort of came to a stop
but once I stepped out to try and get  better shot
they took off again

So these are not the best
But seeing as how I’ll most likely never see wild ones again

I’m happy with them
Hope you are too
I’ve actually cropped them to try and get a closer look
I did have the zoom on but they were quite a way a way
and also on the other side of the road 
behind a fence
But if you click the photos
you’ll get a much better look
If you are interested here are some links with information on Emus
to see more Camera Critters from around the world