We’ve had some really wintery foggy mornings recently
I really find it unerving to take a walk when it’s like that
So when the day dawns nice and sunny
I get the shoes on and head for the park I mentioned a while ago.
Yesterday was one of the cold but sunny starts to the day so I headed off just after 9am for a very overdue ramble up and down the windy paths
There was a hint of low cloud but nothing like the peasooper type of the previous days
where I couldn’t see one side of the street to the other lol
In the first two pictures you can see the sun just starting to shine through the haze
See the shiny wet grass and long shadows
Damp enough to keep you on the paths or risk getting very soggy runners

Got to the top of the hill and turned round
Even tho’ the shadows were still long it seemed far more sunny and inviting
Very deceiving ‘cose it was cold all day long

click on photos to enlarge
When I got home I stayed close and did clear up things
Ironed and put away and tidied cupboards
– you know –
all the stuff you should do to make the house run more smoothly
The stuff you don’t think makes any difference to that daily running
Until you don’t so it
Then you find out it helps if its done on regular basis. lol