These days I find it hard locating anything to bring home from our travels, in fact Dh actively encourages me not to find anything as he knows after a little while it will only end up in a cupboard or a drawer never to see the light of day again

We have such strict quarantine regulations about what can actually enter Australia or what can even what can be transported State to State so the things I adore to look at when we travel and would like to bring home is out of the question.

Yes thats food – and wooden items lol

So what I use as souvenirs are photos
Not only souvenirs of travel but of family occasions as well
The granddaughter featured in the previous band post was our first so there were oodles of happy snaps like this one taken on her 2nd birthday.
Isn’t it funny how first time grandads will do anything
Even sit on swing set thats obviously not their size lol
But theres another thing I did do as a souvenir of that special day
That was to cut just a little lock of her gorgeous red hair
And then put it into a small bag
Which is stuck on the back of the photo frame
Which contains that very special photograph

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