Plodding round the garden the other day I actually spied some colour.
After all that horrible weather nothing has been blooming so I was surpised to see the flowers
Looks like extreme heat and no water doesn’t kill this plant

Sometimes called Society Garlic its real name is Tulbaghia violaceae

Some will say the leaves are edible but I wouldn’t like to risk it
I started out with one plant from the nursery a few years ago and divided it into little ones and then divided them again for a few more years.

Its always grown like crazy in my garden
Now its every where which is good as it doesn’t take up much space and has the prettiest mauve flowers on a little spiky stem

Looks nice beside the Brachyscome which has similar coloured flowers
They are under some roses that also have lavender flowers (Blue Moon is one of them)

Unfortunately it has a very strong smell and if I’m silly enough to pick some and bring indoors for a vase I regret it quite quickly as it stinks the house out within a short time lol