Caroline at The Simple Things asked – Why do you live where you live??
Follow those links and you’ll see the fabulous place she had near to where she lives.

I suppose we live here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne ‘cose we are close to all the things we enjoy.

We are an hour from the city (Melbourne) just over an hour from the coast and so so close to the beautiful Dandenongs and the Yarra Valley.

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A green leafy suburb with some streets like this one not far from mine leading to a roundabout……………………………….

Where if turn one way and go up the road you can then follow the Tourist Road up into the mountains you can see in the distance……………….

Or you can turn the other and make your way to a larger ‘town’ with shopping centres and the railway to the city…………………………

The walking path along here is fairly narrow not concrete but made form gravel and runs past fenced gardens in some places and others with tall leafy treed fences instead . Have to be careful if I use this route for my daily walk – its not as level as it looks and can have me puffing in places lol

One part of the journey takes me past this special spot. Our local Anglican Church, calm and relaxing, a little bit of heaven nestled in amongst the the trees πŸ™‚

Closer to home is this little street and as you walk down there you will find a lovely little park – well its not that little and as well as a community house, children’s play area and wetlands with that lovely bridge I showed you the other day, there are also lots of walking tracks.

Half way up a hill you’ll find a seat with a fabulous view- I know ‘cose I’ve used it on more than one occasion as its a fair slog to get up that hill:)

As you come up that hill you can look up and off to the Dandenongs in the distance or back down over the wetlands . This is just a little look at a place I love and would miss if we moved away

Whats it like where you live?
Would you like to show us around a small part and tell ‘Why you live where you live’