Ok well its that time of the month again – the time when bloggers all over the world write about their day.
Pop over to Little Jenny Wren’s blog and you will find the rest of the participants of this monthly event.
The morning came quickly or at least it seemed like I’d no sooner gone to sleep than it was time to get up. I couldn’t hang around enjoying the luxury of a lie in as we were expecting several hefty burly fellas also known as tree fellers (well I thought that funny lol) to arrive about 8am.
We had a dead tree to be removed as well as some other heavy pruning to be done so Jim and his crew were coming to do the job. Over the past few days I spent loads of timeoutside clearing pathways so they wouldn’t step on other plants or trip over hoses and pots and present me with a compensation claim.
Brought the cats indoors as it would be a noisy morning, made sure there were clean water bowls and litter trays as well as some dry food available as I was going out – Dh had nothing planned so was staying at home to oversee and ring me if there was a problem.
After breakfast and shower I tidied the bedroom and kitchen, was about to put a load in the machine but remembered it couldn’t be hung out as the men would be in the area near the line and inwardly hoped the fine weather would last all day as the weatherman had forecast so I could do that load later.
I manage a volunteer centre on Tuesday and Friday mornings and apart from the dishes there wouldn’t have been much for me to do at home plus the noise from the chainsaws would have driven me crazy and also the other ‘girl’ was going to the Dr’s so that meant’ I had to go in. Had a busy morning on my feet apart from a couple of calls so I was glad to get home at lunchtime.
Quite a changed landscape when I got home, 2 of the heavy prunings were at the front of the house and it was as if a big hole in the sky had been opened up.
I’m sure those trees will shoot out again (some say pittosporums are weeds but they are very shady weeds ) they had become very leggy and ghastly looking and I’ll get used to the look as time goes by but it really was shock to see the trunks with nothing at the top lol
It was peacefully quiet, the men had gone off for lunch and to look at another job so Dh made lunch and I sat for a while with 2 cats on my knee and talked about the morning. Whilst I was there I’d had another call form my cousin about ‘The Aunt” – I know quite a few of you have been through the distressing time we are experiencing and I appreciate all your comments and good wishes, I also know we will be on tenterhooks the whole time till she is housed in special accomodation.
It may seem strange to want that instead of caring for her at home, I love her dearly and have qualifications in dementia care but we have an unfenced property and my cousin is working full time. Her son lives on the other side of the country and between you and me doesn’t seem at all bothered about what happens to her :((
The truck returned to pick up the large logs ( lol I hadn’t seen the cats move so fast for a long time) and I had to make the decision about keeping all the chippings or letting the neighbour have them. I couldn’t see myself using a whole truck load as mulch but the chief man said there wasn’t that much so I let them tip it on the driveway – they lied lol – its an enormous pile and we are going to have to move some of it fairly quickly as its difficult to get out of my car. If the truth be known its hard for Dh to get out but to keep the peace we have changed car spots :))
At long last I was able to get the washing machine going, the sun was still shining and there was quite a breeze. It had been a bit fresh whenI left at 9am but now mid afternoon the temp had risen to a pleasant 20c/68f just right to tidy up the bits and pieces and return some of the garden stuff to its proper position.
Hung out the clothes and then remembered the fruit and veggie peelings to be chopped up for the worms. I do this in a food processor, as long as theres nothing wet it chops the peelings into small bits as the worms seem to enjoy it better than giving it to them whole. Sat down for while on the back deck and enjoyed the nice weather, Dh put down his book and made another hot drink whilst I just sat and knitted. I enjoy these quiet times. The washing dried in record time but to be on the safe side I hung it on the clotheshorse to air overnight.
We had plans to go out in the evening and as I had to pop to the shops we did something we haven’t done for a while…………………………..I bought Fish and Chips for dinner and we ate them on our knees watching the news. Top story (apart form the world economic crisis) was the Federal Government ‘s gift to pensioners and others. As a couple we will receive $2100 just before Christmas, I certainly won’t say no thank you. Wish I’d said no to Dh’s suggestion about the Fish and chips tho – the shop had changed hands and they were awful. That’ll teach me to plan at least a day in advance.
I think I’ve mentioned our once a month (2nd Tuesday night) outing to the Victorian Folk Music Club -well last night’s event was a cracker.
Margret RoadKnight was the guest artist, a talented muscian who has done so much and been to so many places. After all the spot acts were over and supper (Tea and cake ) we sat for over an hour in the little hall at East Ringwood listening to her sing and were very reluctant to leave at the end.
Home at 10.30pm and straight to bed. Not a bad sort of day.