One thing I like to do is read. I read lots. As we all know books are not cheap, even from second hand bookshops they still cost.
They clog up the bookshelves and we have to have a cull now and again so our local library is great, free and the books go back.
I can spend hours there and come out happy – ‘cept for the crick in the neck I get from reading titles on shelves sideways on.
A couple of groups I belong to have a Book on the Table concept. Books are put on the table on meeting days for anyone to read and sometimes I can find an interesting one there.
The place I go to in Malvern has a small library – staff bring in books and there is a semi formal recording system that works well – name of book and owner, then columns for who borrows along with out and in dates.
A couple of years ago we discovered a place in Collingwood that sells discount books – Dirt Cheap
Its a huge warehouse type place with oodles of books of all shapes and sizes. Fiction, non fiction, childrens you name it more than likely its there.
Do you know the beauty of this place – all the books are brand new and cost only $4.99. Many are remainders but often there will be late releases as well.


Its only open Sat and Sunday and just occasionally if we have a spare $20 ( 2 books each) and our free Sunday transport card we can have a great day for a reasonable cost. I then pass them on to friends and so the circle turns

One of my latest purchases was the one above. Tell me your secret by Deirdre Purcell
We are off to Adelaide on Wednesday morning for a few days and this will be going along with me for the 10 hour journey – along with my knitting of course:)
Edited: DirtCheap books is no longer in Collingwood